Why use Black Canvas

Well, there are designers, and then there are branding experts. When you are looking at branding your business, its important (and cost effective for you) to get it right first time. Corporate design takes a great deal of experience, talent and skill to develop a branding solution that will last. Black Canvas are the branding experts and can help your business stand out from the crowd – taking it to the next level and giving you the confidence to catch those dream clients. 

Need some more good reasons to use Black Canvas? Here's a few...

The directors are designers

› This means you talk directly to the designers enabling you to convey your ideas and aspirations to the people who will work on your project.

It is a team sport

› This is not a one-man-band. We are a team dedicated to getting the job done, which means if one of us is not in – there will be someone else who can assist you.

We started a business too!

› We took the plunge and stepped out of our comfort zone to start a business. We know the pressures and overwhelming to-do list. We also know that the journey can be totally worth it.

We do this every day

› Since 2009 we have designed hundreds of logos. We do this every day, so you don’t have to. This means that you can concentrate on the things that you do best.

Streamlined styling

› Our designs have thought behind them. Simplicity, ease of use and readability are paramount considerations for us. Simple styling ensures that a brand has consistency, longevity and will last the distance.

We are pretty quick

› We know our way around design programs and use them daily. We have many years of experience and design know-how.  A blank canvas doesn’t give us the heebie-jeebies – but rather the possibilities excite us. Bring it on!

This is our passion

› We are up-to-date with current trends, styles and technological innovation. We love it and immerse ourselves in it.

We do the lot!

› From logo design, everything graphic design right through to your website design. All in the one spot. Our clients love the fact that there is seamless transition of their brand from one element to the next. It is the reason why our brands look consistent and so good!