Graphic Design – the art of looking good

We are passionate about design and specialise in creating distinctive and unique solutions that can help set your brand apart. We scribble, we brainstorm, and the visual solutions delivered are unique and hand-crafted for you.

Each of us has a unique story to tell. This is also true for business. No two enterprises are the same and we love the challenge of developing creative solutions to help bring that story to life.

The Black Canvas team can help you stand out from the crowd – whether you are starting a business venture and require a new corporate image, or your existing graphics are in need of a shake-up and refresh. We are specialists in corporate identitylogo design, print and online strategy, colour emotion and advertising, but we know that no one knows your business better than you do. Our job is to partner with you throughout the design process, to listen and capture your knowledge and experience, ensuring you get the best possible result.

Improving businesses through design puts a skip in our step. Good design is the key to creating differentiation, and is a secret weapon to becoming the leader in your field or to successfully gain competitive advantage when competing in the world market. Yip Yeh!