Website Design - dress to impress!

Your website plays a crucial role in positioning your brand. Around the clock, it provides a platform to tell your story and communicate the personality and promise of your business. Black Canvas delivers stunning custom web design and our expert developers provide functional solutions built to precisely meet the individual needs of clients and, most importantly to get results.

The sometimes understated (but incredibly talented) silent partner of the website, the web developer, is an essential component of every website planning team. Our partner, Indigo Web, is entrusted to provide the very best web development service and hosting packages possible for our clients. By combining our areas of expertise in design and development, Indigo Web and Black Canvas provide you with extraordinary web design solutions to ensure you achieve results. We’ve worked together on many and varied website projects, giving our partnership just the right mix of graphic design and technical website expertise. 

When it comes to marketing, first impressions are crucial. Often, your website is a person’s first interaction with your company. An opinion is formed as soon as they hit your home page. So with this in mind, your website should be dressed to impress. There are no second chances, only the back button. Black Canvas specialise in sites with a clean design, high level of usability and simple navigation.

Trust your online presence with those who have the creative skill and technical expertise to design and build you an exceptional new website. Oh, and by the way, that's us! ;o)