Branding - transformation by design

Building a brand goes beyond your corporate look, it is a promise to your customer. A consistently branded business is one that clearly states you know who you are, what sets you apart from everyone else and conveys to the world the confidence and professionalism of your service. Black Canvas can help cut through the clutter, focus your vision and build a brand that connects with and inspires your audience.

We understand that each business is at a different stage. Some are in their infancy while others are more mature and well recognised. We help organisations at all ages and stages. Some are positioning themselves for the first time, whilst others are re-positioning and require a change of direction or more professional appeal, in line with their services and expansion (or re-brand). 

We are in the business of transformation by design. Our passion and purpose is to help position your business and build excitement and enthusiasm around your products and services. Black Canvas can give you the tools to develop your identity, create recognition and build equity into your brand.

Design has the power to build a company’s profile and profitability. But it is not just about aesthetics. Success hinges on an organisation’s ability to bring life into the brand across multiple touchpoints.

Touchpoints are the moment of contact between you and your customer, non-customer and employees. Black Canvas can help you with:

› Logo design
› Stationery design
› Signage (internal and external banners; store front; display stands)
› Newsletters (print or email)
› Print material (posters, brochures, flyers)
› Multimedia promotions
› Publications – magazines, catalogues, books, calendars
› Advertising – newspapers, online, yellow pages, billboards