Who we are

At Black Canvas, we want to build a team of designers. What this means for you and us is, we’re not just the designer or the creative person, but we are the sales team, we clean up and wash up, we greet clients and get them a coffee, we do everyday admin, we meet with clients, we answer the phone, create quotes, we are interested in technology and design trends, we get each other coffee and tea, we work hard, we have fun, and we love what we do! Here's our amazing team... 

Meet Kristy

BCA-photo -staff -kristy

Kristy has a noble and ambitious life goal to save the world from bad design, one job at the time. She is a mother of 3 boys and her claim to fame is being the wife of turtle guru – Dr Daz. Kristy’s sport of choice is cleaning, scrubbing and shopping with her sister (all tasks that take quite a bit of puff). Kristy never set out to be a Mumtrepreneur but relishes the task with aplomb. (And after all – coming to work does promise a good sit-down). Kristy’s drink of choice is a cappuccino (don’t hold the caffeine), food of choice is cake (don’t hold the gluten) and she does enjoy a nip of baileys at night (medicinal purposes only).

Bachelor of Art (Graphic Design) 

Say hello to Anna 

BCA-photo -staff -anna

Anna’s drink of choice is green tea or a half-strength decaf skinny latte. Which is probably a good thing because someone as naturally ‘on’ as Anna does not need caffeine. She whips through jobs and can multi-task like a champion. She is a dreamer, a schemer (in a good way), but more importantly a do-er and all round nice-girl. She works hard, but plays harder! Some of her favourite pastimes include (but are not limited to): gazing into her husband’s adoring eyes; escapades with her very cute twins; camping with the family; playing cards, reading romantic 18th century novels; watching romantic 18th century movies and shopping with her sister. 

Dip Graphic Design; Dip Multimedia; Dip Pianoforte; Cert IV Workplace Training

Hey there Claire 

BCA-photo -staff -claire

Claire is our go-to-gal for all things techy or social media. Her ‘google fingers’ are extraordinary and we never have to wonder about anything while in her presence – give her a keyboard, large internet quota and voila! - the answers are at her fingertips. Claire has a penchant for design magazines, blogs and IT geeks (or for one in particular - her betrothed). Claire rarely sits still and likes to have those aforementioned fingers in as many pies as possible. Claire is relishing the role of motherhood and loves hangs with her two gorgeous girls Chelsea and Marlee.

Dip Graphic Design

Lovely Laura

Laura Costin

Our Laura really is lovely. She is quiet, conscientious, super organised and happily gets on with the job. She is a diagramming extraordinaire and can transform an engineer’s scribble into a concise graphic masterpiece of both form and function. Heck, she has even baked us a diagram cake! Her unabashed favourite client is the marketing team we work with - Aurora. So much so, that around these parts she is otherwise known as ‘Laurora’. This girl has no drink of choice we can mention, because we have never witnessed such an occurrence. There was rumour of coke consumption one day - but there is no evidence to substantiate such claim.

Dip Graphic Design

Barista Ash

Ash bursts through the studio door each morning with enthusiastic greeting. Our in-house barista loves to serve and sees it as her personal God-given mission to keep each member of the team design-fuelled and hydrated. Ash was previously a city-gal but has relished Toowoomba living with grace and gusto. She keeps us belly-laughing and loves a good game of Chinese-whiskers. Ash has an insatiable appetite for life and doesn't sit still for one moment. Out-of-office she renovates; writes books; sings and writes songs; posts tributes to her many life-loves on social media; picnics with these said loves; animates and skates. Ash is married to the apple-of-her-eye and love-of-her-life - the devilishly handsome Nate.

Dip of Graphic Design; Dip of Film & Television

Bunsom Funsom

Bunsom Chorn

Bunsom is our brave, brave boy. In a studio surrounded by girls - well he’d have to be pretty brave to keep coming back each week. Bunsom is our logo designer extraordinaire. His ideas are executed with subtlety and skill, and are always imbued with wit, ingenuity and meaning. Bunsom is originally from Cambodia, but these days he is happily-ever-after married to beautiful Jess in Toowoomba. During times when he is not creating his sweet vectorized visuals, Bunsom can be found extracting the sweet honeyed nectar from his buzzy bee friends. Yep, Bunsom is a professional bee-keeper. Now that is bravery with a capital B.

Dip Graphic Design