Frequently Asked Questions

Got a few questions for us? These might help! But if there's something you'd like to know please feel to give send us an email

How long does it take to create a logo?

› The creative process for a new logo usually takes two weeks from receipt of your deposit.

Is a logo design included when you design a business card or website?

› No, it is important to establish a logo first. We place a lot of emphasis on the logo design, as all other branding flows from this.

How much does a logo cost and what does that include?

› Logo prices start at $1200. Our logos are custom designed, tailored to the individual needs and requirements of your business, organisation or event. We spend many hours researching, designing and refining the mark that will represent your company for many years to come. Along with these concepts we will present ideas on how your brand might look in application.

What is branding?

› Branding is the consistent look and feel of your business through the various points of contact you have with potential customers, staff and the general public.

Can you help me name my business?

› Yes, we can help name your new business venture. Our copywriters would be involved in this process and would be undertaken at an additional cost.

Who registers my business name?

› Registering your business name is up to you. We will not commence logo design unless your name is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). If you are unsure about this process, please seek assistance from your accountant, lawyer or trade mark attorney. Once your logo is designed you can register this as a trade mark to provide legal protection against imitators and give you exclusive use of the name and brand. This process is the responsibility of the individual.

Can Black Canvas help me with marketing?

› Our expertise is in designing the collateral for marketing. We can call on our marketing partners should you require a marketing plan or advice. We enjoy working directly with Marketing Managers of larger organisations.

Do you take work experience students?

› Unfortunately we do not have work experience placement for high school students. We are a small organisation and do not have the facilities to support this. If you are studying graphic design and are looking for a career in the creative industries, we would be happy to speak to you about experience options. 

Can I work at Black Canvas?

› Applications will be considered if you have a killer portfolio, natural flair and passion for the design industry. You would need to fit in well with our team and have the ability to hit-the-ground-running with skills in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.