Hampton Festival

May is the month to get 'a taste of the good life' at the Hampton Festival. The unique escarpment positioning of Hampton sees an abundance of delicious produce grown, such as avocados, garlic, olives, blueberries and rhubarb. This festival is a celebration of these gourmet, artisan grown, culinary delights and the close-nit and very welcoming village at Hampton invites us all to come along to enjoy the party each Autumn.  There must be something special in the soil, for Hampton is also a rich breeding ground for artists and creatives alike. Black Canvas were honoured to be asked to revamp the logo for the festival's 13th year. The new symbol features a stylistic tree made up of the many and varied things that the festival celebrates - food, produce, creativity, art, music and wine. The colours used are purple and olive-green which is a combination that is reflective of autumn hues. The textures and brushstrokes featured in the designs give a rich, earthy and inviting appeal. 

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