20 January 2011

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Our office and the floods

We hope that you have had a good Christmas and New Year break and trust that your staff and families are all safe after the recent flooding events.

We have been stranded outside Toowoomba for a week but are safely back now. Our office had 6 inches of water through it, and as a result we have lost equipment and our carpets have had to be ripped up. We are still in the process of getting back on track and have begun the task of cleaning up our office. While we await the maintenance of our walls and floors, we have temporarily relocated to an upstairs office in the same building.

Again – thank you so much for your patience during this process – we will be up to speed very soon. Email is our first preference for contact however, our phone number can still be used (4613 1010) which will be redirected to our mobile phones. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Here is are some before and after photos of our office.

flood downstairs 2011