How did Black Canvas get its name?

We have been asked a lot lately how we came to be known as Black Canvas… Well the boring truth is… it wasn’t given too much thought really! Blank Canvas was typed into the government search incorrectly and wha lah… Black Canvas was born. The name was available, we thought it sounded ultra mysterious – so we decided, ‘yep, we’ll go with that’.

The criteria for us was…

A. Do you say it how you spell it? / Is it easy to say?
(And yes, this did involve brain-storming sessions whilst clapping out syllables)

B. It should not include our own names (anonymity is a wonderful thing for us shy, retiring types)

C. We don’t care if it doesn’t say what we do (our brand can do that)

D. Is it memorable and unique? (without being crazy-weird)

In our very humble opinion, we think that it is not so much your name, but the brand behind the name that makes a business sing. The brand is the way you present yourself, it is the promise you give your customer, it is in the culture and atmosphere created around the product you sell. The name-game can halt the process of starting a business, before it has even begun. What a tragedy!

But really, we like our name because we do love our ‘canvas’. We all have various ways of expressing ourselves and for us, it is through design. Although not visual artists, our canvas is of a different kind… we love to use our time and talents to serve others through design, helping give businesses & organisations a confidence boost by making them look as good as they feel. (Who doesn’t love a make-over!) A blank canvas or empty piece of paper – can sometimes be a daunting thing. Where do I start? How do I fill this space? In one way or other – we hope to help do that for you. We have lots of experience and creative talent to ‘fill the page’ – hence the reason why our canvas is ‘black’. We’re not blank.

We love our canvas… what’s yours?