12 September 2014

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Capability is KING!

Business Capability Statements are so hot right now and are fast becoming a critical marketing tool. So what is this document and why do you need one?

A Capability Statement is a concise snapshot of a business that outlines such things as a company overview; a description of the products or services you provide; a list of key personnel and their experience; evidence of past performance; competencies and differentiations; and finally, contact information.

This document allows potential customers to distil information quickly and determine what it is that sets your company apart from competitors. For this reason it is important to set out information in a clear, concise and well thought out way. It must be visually interesting and represent the company brand professionally. This comes through consistent use of font and colour choices and intelligent hierarchy of information. Using images to back up your words (or even help cut out lengthy sentences) helps drive home your case in point.

While it is worthwhile having a few printed copies on hand, even more important is a searchable, small sized, quality pdf file that can be emailed or downloaded from your website. Capability Statements vary in depth and breadth, but should always remain a true reflection of the promise you make to potential clients or customers. Check out a few we have completed of late >>

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